And You How do you sing to Love?: Global Project

2n edition School Participating


2n edition is opening to share and work on this topic #SDGs5 Gender Equality

We are 17 School over world  as: Romania,  Guatemala, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh,

Pakistan, Kenya, Argentina, Greece, India with 4 diffenrent Schools, Serbia, Albania, and Spain.

Amazing theachers who empower their Students to change their reality, and  promote their Students to build a Gender Equiality Society.

Mirela Tanc

Mirela Tanc is a Romanian Teacher at the Oltea Doamna Secondary School in Oradea, ROMANIA, is one of the 9 most innovative teachers in the world, winning the Global E-Innovation Award – 2017 and First Runner Up Pattern Recognition-E2 Singapore 2018 , nominated at the Global Teacher Prize, is Microsoft Expert, Skype Master Teacher, MIE Trainer, member of the Harvard Learning Community, Ambassador Teach SDGs. By using the new technology, her hours have become more attractive. The results of her students and her contributions to projects have brought her global recognition.


Gloria Enrique

My name is Gloria Enrique and I am a Secondary school teacher in Ireland. I am originally from Spain. I came to Ireland as a participant of the Erasmus student exchange programme. Since then I discovered my passion for teaching and learning and the importance of collaboration and sharing. I am always looking for innovative ways and technologies to bring the curriculum to life and instil the same passion that I have for learning to students. This is how I discovered OneNote

Miriam Lucrecia Higueros Aldana

I am an English teacher, Microsoft innovative educator and trainer, I teach the SDGs to my students and teachers to can be help our planet taking actions!

Sri Lanka
Roshan kumar

I’m a government school teacher at bandaranayake central college, veyangoda, Sri Lanka. I teach civic education, English literature and English language. I love global projects as they give us a chance to collaborate and share what we know with the global classes.


Bangladesh 🇧🇩 Dhaka
Raihana Haque

I am an elementary school teacher of Bangladesh 🇧🇩. I teach English, science and ICT grade four in my school. I am a MIE expert. I love to travel with my different countries via Skype. And love to handle new technology. As a hardworking person I want to join new project around the world! I am happy to join here!


Bushra Anis Naqvi

Bushra Anis Naqvi is the Principal at The Lyceum School,Lahore Pakistan.Trainer and a senior consultant and facilitator at British Council, Aal-e-Imran and ENO-Environment Online, Finland. She bags an experience of 27 years of an Educator and cross cultural management and Leadership in Pakistan and abroad. She specializes in Environmental Sciences, Population studies ,Citizenship,Leadership and Core-Skills strands. Bushra is a well known inspirational speaker and Facilitates Learning programmes locally and internationally.
She is a Certified,Validated British Council Trainer for Leadership,Core skills-SDGs and International School award. Member of the core Team of Curriculum Mapping , and Coordinating the Sustainable Development working under the flagship of ENO-Environment Online Finnland in Pakistan.
Bushra Obtained her Master Degree in Geography from Punjab University, B.Ed, Citizenship Certified Educator, A certified Microsoft Innovative Educator. Educator Community Influencer,Educator Community Contributor and Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert..
Bushra is a Master Trainer and has conducted a variety of management programmes ,mainly Training of Trainers,Validations and has reviewed Core skills -SDGs Modules for Imagine Education Uk.Her Learning development intervention both abroad and in Pakistan includes facilitating session with School Teachers and Leaders in Pakistan, Iran,S.Korea,UK,SriLanka and Nepal. Her focus areas includes Leadership and personal development , visionary leadership.Embeding SDGs in the Curriculum, Citizenship, Leading effective teaching and Learning , Staff Motivation. She excels in the field of emotional intelligenge she is regularly invited by a number of educational institutionsand NGO’s across Pakistan for challenging assignments where her exposure to multi cultural audience and their nuance has led to a deep understanding of human phsye and behaviour and how best communicate with them.
Bushra’s success in facilitating competency building programmes lies in her intense belief in infinite human potentials and her unique ability to adapt and relate to individual from diverse backgrounds at intellectual and emotional level.she provides consultancy on training needs assessment and carries out follow up impact evaluation studies to assess trainings effectiveness. Bushra is Partner in many online school based projects like Face to Faith, ENO, Climate Action, Human Differences, School Enterprise Challenge, Global Nomads,Climate Action etc. believes in ”Linking for Learning for a Better Tomorrow”.
Bushra Anis Naqvi

Fred Sagwe

Argentina/ Buenos Aires
Silvana Carnicero

Silvana Carnicero is a teacher of English as a foreign language. She holds a bachelor degree in education and she is a specialist in educational technology and e-learning. She specializes in global online projects. She is a MIEExpert and she was one of the two Argentine finalists to the Global Teachers Prize 2018.


Greece, Athens
Vasiliki Dogani

teacher of literature, musician


Nalini Srivastava

Nalini Srivastava is a teacher from DPS Shaheedpath LUCKNOW, India.She teaches English and history to class 10 and 12 currently.She is a MIEE, Microsoft Expert Speaker and Trainer.She loves to work for causes that are relevant for the society.Here Society being the global world.She has done lot of work for spreading Autism Awareness and since past 1 year She has been working for motivating students and younger generation towards their contribution for achieving SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS 2030.She is part of prestigious Kakuma Project and part of many other collaborating projects like End Plastic Brigade,Lets End Poverty etc.She is a published author of short stories as well as a poet.She finds both the medium exemplary and useful.


I’m Alketa Bajrami from Albania. I’m Scientix Ambassador and HunDred Ambassador and etwinning coordinator


Vineeta Garg

I am Vineeta Garg teaching Computer Science at SRDAV Public School for more than 2 decades. Winner of many National and International competitions, I am a Microsoft Innovative Educator fellow, Microsoft Certified educator, Minecraft mentor, Global SDG ambassador, Master Trainer and Skype Master Teacher. I have authored and co-authored many books, articles and research papers and running my own You Tube channel.


Mirjana Milović

Hello! My name is Mirjana and I have been teaching English for 28 years in the town of Kragujevac in the very centre of Serbia. I am also MIEE for 2017-2018. My students are of different ages, ranging from 4,5 and 70, but the core are the ones between 7 and 18. Last school year we learnt about how to save the oceans, we had a very educational and interesting Skype: Coral Reefs Let’s Dive In with WiseOceans on 23rd November 2017 that our students had enjoyed very much. We also like Mystery Skypes.

You can see more on


kamal preet

An ordinary science teacher with an extraordinary passion towards her subject & it’s application to make the world a better place – I’m Kamal Preet, Middle school science teacher, Nat Geo Educator, MIE Expert, Skype Master Teacher & SDG champion. I am a fervent supporter of technology in the classroom – using it as a tool to personalize learning & to open my classroom to the world to equip my students with 21st-century skills. As a firm believer of Gandhiji’s adage “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” I hope to make the world a better place by doing my bit for The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.


Paramjeet Kaur Dhillon(Project Mentor), Dr. Charu Chhabra (Project Coordinator), Ms. Satinder Kaur, Ms. Poonam (Class Incharge)

Ms. Paramjeet Kaur Dhillon Head Teacher, Kamla Nehru Public School, Punjab, India (1st December 2006 till date).

• Total experience as a Head Teacher – 24 years approx.
• M.Sc. Physics, B.Ed. – Gold Medalist.
• Well- travelled and well read. Visited 14 countries.
• Globally validated Master Trainer on 21st Century Core Skills, by British Council, U.K. & British Council School Ambassador.
• Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE) 2016-19.
• Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer and Fellow 2017-18.
• As Resource Person of Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, trained 550+ educators, all over India.
• Initiated IT transformations in Kamla Nehru Public School, with 1:1 Anytime, Anywhere learning.
• Active on Social Media- Twitter, Yammer, Facebook and LinkedIn.
• Inspired schools in the vicinity to apply for Microsoft Showcase School.
• Only Head Teacher to represent India and participate in the Microsoft Educator Exchange Programme held at Canada in March 2017.
• Invited to Microsoft Head Quarters, Seattle, USA to receive the Global Enterprise Challenge Award, Kamla Nehru Public School being the International Winner, on 27th November 2017.
• Pioneer in mapping the entire school (K-12) curriculum with United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
• Indian Ambassador of Innovation Project, where in 515 Schools from 85 countries participated.
• Only Indian host for MicrosoftEdu Tweetmeet on Sustainable Development Goals amongst other 14 International hosts.
• Sway Link :-
• Riseup4sdgs :-
• Featured in Anthony Salcito Vice President – Worldwide Education, Blog :-


María de los Ángeles Portela Iglesias  (SEK Atlántico)

Teacher Librarian and Extended Essay Coordinator (Diploma Programme International Baccalaureate) at SEK Atlántico International School.
Gifted and Talented Education Specialist.
Debate and Oratory.

I try to be up to date on: books, storytelling, digital literacy, technology, gamification, SDGs, giftedness and talent, SEN… and more!


Àngels Soriano
Àngels Soriano is co-coordinator of the #Xatac5 and has been recognized as TeachSDGs Ambassador by for promoting SDGs in education. She is a ‘Microsoft Innovative Educator’ since 2014, and a ‘Microsoft Innovative Educator Fellow’ in 2017 and 2018. She was invited expert at ‘Global Forum’ (Barcelona 2014) and Fellow Teacher at ‘E2 Education Exchange’ (Toronto 2017). She is passionate about education, and participates as trainer coordinator, expert adviser and evaluator in different associations to promote ICT in Education. She currently works as Language teacher at Martí Sorolla II (València, Spain)